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The Meanings Behind July Moonstone

What is the Moonstone for July? With the stone's amazing color which resembles ripe raspberries and its connection with Dorothy's red shoes from The Wizard of Oz, the ruby ​​is a very popular gemstone. It is considered the most precious of the 12 gems created by God and its red glow is said to be an inner flame that cannot be extinguished. Buying a ruby ​​as a gift symbolizes an infinite love. Here at The Dress Wizard, we have selected special jewelry for those who want to celebrate their birthday with a rich, deep red stone.


HISTORY: JULY MOONSTONEIt is one of the most significant gemstones in history in color and it is mentioned four times in the Bible - the history of the ruby's mining dates back to 2500 years ago. There are a variety of shades of red and the most radiant rubies can be found in India, Australia, Burma, Pakistan, Kenya and the United States. The ruby ​​contains chromium, which gives the stone a red color and creates fluorescence, which allows it to radiate. The most precious ruby ​​of them all is the Burmese ruby. Its color is commonly referred to as "pigeon blood red", because it is associated with the white part of the pigeon's eye and the mines of the Mogok Valley in Myanmar.A FAVORITE, DYNAMIC GEM STONE


It is believed to inspire emotions more than other stones and it carries the power of life. The ruby ​​promotes positivity and with its encouraging powers, it strengthens man to live fully and embrace the joys of life. Enjoy life's simple moments with Infinity Name Necklace with monthly stones that represent the heartfelt love between two loved ones and the joy they have for each other. 18K gold-plated name necklace with swarovski crystal enables the wearer to express his personality and individuality through this unique piece of jewelry, especially with a ruby ​​moonstone.


THE MEANING BEHIND THE MONTH STONE OF JULYThe word is derived from Rubeus, the Latin name for red and translated into Ancient Sanskrit "the king of gems". The ruby ​​represents love, feelings, courage and passion. Since it is the king of all gems, it is believed to bring good luck to the wearer. Through the ages, this prized gemstone has been worn by many kings and emperors. It is said to be able to predict events and darken when the danger is near. Rubies are also said to be good for the brain, memory, heart and when rubbed against the skin it is considered to reproduce people youth.A SYMBOL OF LOVE


With the stone's passionate, deep color, it's no surprise that the ruby ​​is considered the stone of love and a symbol of strong emotions. In the month of her birth, it's time to be showered with love. Honor love with a moonstone necklace such as two intertwined hearts with sterling silver engraving. On each heart, a name can be engraved and personalized with a monthly stone. All jewelry that includes a ruby ​​expresses a strong love between two individuals. Connect your heart with your loved one, which represents your eternal love for each other, whether it is a partner, a child or a parent.

Wearing ruby ​​jewelry enhances your everyday style as it is a representation of who you are! All of you who were born in July, the ruby's fiery flame is a welcoming, eye-catching addition to all your different styles.

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